She loooks like an Angel

She loooks like an Angel

This beautiful 100% linen dress was donated during the Christmas break and is EXACTLY the kind of donation we love. Brand new, with tags still attached! The kind of item that made Angel’s eye’s light up before she’d even tried it on.

We think she looks great!

A huge thank you to the generous donor who gifted us this dress and the many individuals who continue to donate excellent quality, pre loved clothing that our clients feel confident and fabulous in!

“It’s the feeling special and happy in your clothes”

“It’s not about the monetary value or having clothes and things, it’s the feeling special and happy in your clothes – it’s just so empowering. How you walk is a completely different dance.”

We think Merilyn has summed it up perfectly!

It’s not about the clothes, it’s about how they make you feel and the process of having a service delivered by our caring and compassionate volunteers.

Merilyn has since landed a role and has been promoting us to others in her community – the best recommendation you can get!

Ps. How fabulous are those pants?!


Client Story – Sophia

Client Story – Sophia

This is Sophia and she is dressed and ready to go to an industry night as part of her studies and training.

At Dress for Success we don’t just support women going for interview and entering paid work, we also support women who are building their capacity to participate more in their community – whatever that looks like.

It might be volunteer opportunities, speaking at events or attending work placements or work experience.

All of these things require a level of personal presentation and most often, do not involve being paid for what you are doing. This is where we come in! We provide free clothing and confidence building to ensure that this barrier is removed for all women in Tasmania.

Participation in community can play a huge part in an individuals overall well-being and feeling of self confidence.


Client Story – Maggie

Client Story – Maggie

We love good news stories , and this one has all the feels!

Yesterday, we met Maggie. Maggie has recently relocated to Tasmania and has been looking for work.

She’s been applying for roles each week and when she received the positive news about an interview, she reached out to us.

We were able to fit Maggie in for an appointment straight before her interview. She spent an hour with our volunteers who generously shared interview tips and tricks and provided styling advice so that Maggie felt the most confident in the clothes she selected.

She finished the appointment feeling an instant impact, a boost in confidence and left with a quiet understanding that the volunteers and our team were all waiting back at the office for a positive outcome for her – none of the other candidates had their own private cheer squad!!!

She came back an hour later, excitedly sharing that they had offered her the position on the spot – she was beaming with pride!

The volunteers sprung into action and immediately provided an Employment Styling with Maggie taking away bags and bags of clothing, ensuring she is really to start her new role and knowing that what she would wear wouldn’t be a barrier to her success!

This is exactly why we exist! To empower women to achieve their goals. To build confidence and create powerful connections.

We won’t forget this interaction with Maggie, and we’re pretty sure she won’t forget us either ♥️


Client Story – Tamieka

Client Story – Tamieka

Tamieka came to visit us yesterday for an Employment Styling session and had a wonderful time being spoilt by Volunteer Stylist Fiona, and our Boutique Coordinator, Clare.

Tamieka is about to start a 14 week work placement as part of her study to become a Social Worker.

Work placements like this can present a significant financial burden on individuals who need to purchase clothing to present well in these placements.

Tamieka, a Mum of two who has been studying these past few years said she needed to update her wardrobe so she could present well and make a good impression.

Good luck with your placement Tamieka, our community needs more Social Workers so we think it’s fantastic you’ve chosen to pursue a purpose filled career!

If you know someone about to start a work placement or work experience who could use our support – tell them to get in touch!

Our programs and services are FREE!