She loooks like an Angel

She loooks like an Angel

This beautiful 100% linen dress was donated during the Christmas break and is EXACTLY the kind of donation we love. Brand new, with tags still attached! The kind of item that made Angel’s eye’s light up before she’d even tried it on.

We think she looks great!

A huge thank you to the generous donor who gifted us this dress and the many individuals who continue to donate excellent quality, pre loved clothing that our clients feel confident and fabulous in!

Homeroom Design makes HUGE donation

We continue to be blown away by the generosity of our community!

Here is Chloe Cooper, pictured with our Boutique Coordinator Clare.

Today she delivered a whole rack of beautiful brand new items to our Boutique from her business Homeroom Design.

These will be lovingly gifted to our clients in the coming weeks and months, thank you so much!

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Women in Leadership Summit

We are so excited to be listed as the official Charity Partner of The Leadership Institute’s much-anticipated Women in Leadership Summit 2023 in October in Sydney.

This well recognised event seamlessly blends inspiration with education. Discover the journeys of Australia’s top female leaders – their challenges, their triumphs, and the wisdom they gained. Arm yourself with these insights and propel your own leadership journey forward.

Experience captivating keynotes, insightful case studies, dynamic panel discussion, and hands-on workshops for an all-encompassing experience.

And we have a 20% discount code for our Dress For Success Network! Just use the code: DFS20

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War on Waste

Did you catch ABC’s War on Waste last week?

Australia is sending 227 million tones of textile waste to landfill every year 🌎 On average, individually, we discard 10kg of clothing every year 😯

We can do better! 🙌

Donate your gently used professional items to us, and let your clothes find new purpose while helping our community thrive.

Look into recycling options in your community to find alternatives to sending items to landfill! (For example, you can take your damaged or stained clothes to H&M for them to use in their recycling program)

Together, we’re weaving a brighter future, one donation at a time. 👗