Since I moved to Tassie in 2013, I have only been able to get casual work. I undertook a Diploma course to improve my chances of a better position, but nothing went my way. I was resigned to doing my job into perpetuity. Or until my body gave out.

Then a friend told me about a job going near my home. My problem was that for the past 8 years, my work and home attire consisted of jeans, t-shirts and work boots. So when I decided to apply for it, I had nothing suitable for a job interview, let alone a working wardrobe.

My husband had seen something on TV about Dress For Success and urged me to contact your organisation. I am so very glad that I did. From the first contact I was treated with respect and consideration. I arrived for my consultation with trepidation and more than a little anxiety. I looked around the room at the abundance of gorgeous clothes, then down at my old jeans and shirt and felt like bolting. But the non-judgemental and friendly way I was welcomed helped to ease my nerves.

The clothes that were selected for me to try were stylish (right out of my league, I thought). As the consultation went on, outfits were tried and kept or discarded. At no time was I made to feel like I was unworthy of the time and effort.

When my consultation was over, I had a couple of full outfits suitable to wear for my interview. And a more positive outlook.

Thank you so much for that. The feedback I got after my interview, was that I was the best presented applicant.

I was fortunate enough to be selected for the position.

My follow-up visit to Dress for Success was fun. I was gifted some lovely mix and match outfits by two of the friendliest ladies I’ve had the pleasure to meet. You were all busy getting ready for your Spring Sale, but still gave me undivided attention and good advice. My husband, who was with me that day, was also impressed with how much time and energy was spent on getting the right outfits for my new job.

A few times now, I’ve arrived at the office and the other ladies have asked where I got my outfit. It’s a real ego-boost, let me tell you.

When I first visited you, I had such a low self-esteem and felt so unworthy of all the effort. The combination of a new job and a new wardrobe has lifted my spirits so very much. I walk taller now. I feel like I have a lot to contribute and approach life a lot more confidently. It’s strange. Life had been so hard and I was becoming hardened too. But the way I was treated there brought me to tears. I’m not as tough as I thought. 😁

I am so grateful that my husband saw your organisation on TV and told me about it. I am beyond grateful for all the time,effort, style tips, and advice I received from Dress for Success. It may sound cheesy, but it truly changed my life.

Some words to describe your organisation…nurturing, non-judgemental, informative, supportive and a defibrillator to self-esteem.

God Bless lovely ladies. You’ve helped me more than I can say.

Forever in Gratitude